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Transform any surface into a secure, slip-resistant area with our high-performance coatings. Designed for maximum grip and long-lasting protection, our premium anti-slip floor coatings are the ultimate solution for ensuring safety and durability in any environment.

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Anti-Slip Floor Coatings: Safety and Beyond


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Anti slip floor coatings are specialized treatments applied to surfaces to enhance traction and reduce the risk of slips and falls. These coatings are ideal for floors in offices, commercial kitchens, industrial facilities, commercial and residential washrooms, and outdoor walkways.

Many floors in industrial and commercial settings do not have slip-resistant features, leading to drips and falls. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial, safety is paramount. It will affect the overall well-being and comfort of residents or employees.

Slip-and-fall accidents are common on wet floors and floors with less traction. These accidents can be prevented by applying Silikal anti slip floor coatings. Our non slip floor coatings can be used on various surfaces, including tiles, wood, metal, granite, marble and concrete.

Silikal anti slip floor coatings make your spaces safer. By increasing the friction of surfaces, anti slip floor coatings ensure better safety for pedestrians and workers. Silikal MMA anti slip coatings come in various finishes and colors, blending seamlessly with existing decor while providing critical safety benefits.

Our anti slip floor coatings are long lasting than any other floor coatings. They resist wear and tear, chemicals, and can withstand heavy traffic, offering long-lasting protection and ease of maintenance. They are essential in creating safer residential, commercial, and industrial environments.



 Long Lasting

Silikal anti skid floor coatings are designed for heavy foot traffic and industrial use, including vehicles with steel wheels and forklift trucks, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Impact and Chemical Resistance

It can withstand impacts and exposure to chemicals, staying strong in challenging environments without becoming brittle or yellowing from UV exposure.

High Traction Surface

Our textured surface provides a strong grip, ensuring excellent traction to prevent slips or skids, especially in slippery conditions.


Long-Term Performance

It ensures longevity and ease of maintenance, maintaining its anti-slip properties throughout lifespan.

Areas of application of Silikal anti slip floor coatings


Anti-slip floor coatings are essential in industrial facilities such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and factories where heavy machinery and foot traffic are common.

Commercial Kitchens

In commercial kitchens, anti-slip coatings are essential for safety, helping to prevent slips and falls caused by spills, grease, and wet surfaces, and creating a safer environment for the staff.


Silikal coatings create a textured surface that makes walking safer in wet washroom conditions, significantly lowering the risk of slips and falls.


In your busy warehouse, safety is paramount. Slippery floors can lead to dangerous slips and falls. Silikal anti slip coatings provide a textured surface that boosts traction, ensuring everyone—whether they’re walking or driving a forklift—can move around safely, even if the floors get wet or oily.


Anti-slip coatings create a textured surface that makes it easier to walk without slipping, even when the floor is wet or oily. They’re tough enough to handle heavy use, chemicals, and scratches, which helps preserve your garage floor. Maintaining them is simple too—just a quick sweep and occasional wash keep the surface safe and in good shape.

Outdoor Areas

In play areas, poolside, or in your backyard, anti-slip coatings ensure safety even on rainy days. They let kids play without slipping and elder people the stability they need to stay safe.
For outdoor work areas like loading docks and construction sites, where it gets slippery, antislip floorings are vital. They prevent workers from falling and causing serious injuries.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are high-traffic environments where people of all ages and mobility levels come together. With Silikal anti-slip coatings, we ensure a safer walking surface, which is essential for creating a positive shopping experience. These coatings also require minimal maintenance, which is perfect for busy retail environments.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can be hazardous due to wet areas prone to slips. Silikal anti-slip floor coatings helps to enhance grip, even when wet, reducing accidents and ensuring safety. They withstand water, chlorine, and sunlight, and requires minimal maintenance. They can be customizable in various colors so that they blend with pool aesthetics.

Residential Areas

Anti slip floors offer a safer environment for everyday living, especially in places like bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways where spills or wet surfaces can be hazardous. This is crucial for families with children and elderly members, ensuring they can move around confidently without the fear of slipping.

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