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Silikal Floor Coating

Silikal MMA Floor Coating are monolithic, seamless and low maintenance floor and they don’t crack.Silikal Floor application is fast , after application one hour, its ready for traffic. The anti skid Silikal floor coating brings safety as well as wear and tear resistant.

Silikal Mortar System - Concrete Repair

Silikal MMA mortar system is quick solution to the concrete failures. MMA mortar helps in filling up pot holes , applied as a screed above concrete and repair cracks.The Silikal MMA mortar achieves 75N/mm2 to 105N/mm2 after curing. The Mortar cures 100% in 1 hour time.

Silikal Water Proofing System

The Silikal water proofing system (MMA) is highly flexible and UV resistant. Silikal water proofing system having high flexibility can withstand the changes in the weather conditions. Our products are designed for long term use.

Silikal MMA Road Marking

Silikal Road Marking is MMA-based and cold plastic marking. It is easy to apply and durable. The curing is fast ( 1 hour after application) and flexible. Different colours are available depending on the nature of the activity, for example: Cycle Track – Green / Red, Pedestrian Crossing – White, Black , Yellow/ Black etc.

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