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At Silikal, we take great pride in our commitment to deliver the very best waterproofing services. We are the best waterproofing contractors, having advanced waterproofing products designed to exceed your expectations and provide strong protection against water damage in various applications.

Silikal waterproofing services have an extensive product portfolio and can handle all your waterproofing needs, including basement waterproofing, terrace waterproofing, bathroom waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, roof sealing, and exterior wall protection. Waterproofing services plays a critical role in preserving the integrity of your property, and that’s why we make no compromises when developing solutions that will stand the test of time.

We work closely with each customer to understand their specific needs, ensuring they receive a tailored solution for their unique requirements. To make your waterproofing project a seamless and successful experience, we have a dedicated team of waterproofing experts with suitable skills and support.

Contact us today to discover the Silikal difference and raise your waterproofing standards. With Silikal, you’re getting the best waterproofing solutions and the peace of mind that comes with them.


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Basement Waterproofing services

The foundation walls and floors of the basement are sealed and protected as part of our basement waterproofing services. Complete water penetration can be avoided using MMA coatings.

Roof Waterproofing services

It must be coated or sealed to prevent water from leaking through a roof and causing damage. Our Silikal MMA waterproofing gives long-lasting protection and good roof sealing and prevents leakage through roofs.

Waterproofing of exterior walls

This procedure involves adding protective coatings or materials to a building’s outside walls to prevent water penetration.

Terrace and balcony waterproofing

Liquid-applied membranes are used in Silikal MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) coatings to form a long-lasting, seamless, and waterproof barrier on the surfaces to stop water damage.

Bathroom and wet area waterproofing

Our bathroom and wet area waterproofing ensures that areas prone to wetness, such as bathrooms and showers, are well-sealed to prevent leaks.  

Swimming pool waterproofing:

Silikal waterproofs swimming pools and their environs by coating a membrane inside the pool’s surface and surrounding area to prevent leakage.

Water tank waterproofing services

Using Silikal MMA coating to waterproof water tanks is a preventative strategy that guards against water-related problems. It prevents the leaking and polluting of water. It is essential for the tank’s longevity and efficiency.

Crack filling and repair:

Crack sealing and repair prevent water from leaking via surface cracks. The gaps must be found and sealed before applying the Silical MMA coating. Over the crack, it fabricates a seamless waterproof membrane. This membrane successfully resists water penetration, offering enduring defence against moisture-related problems.

Waterproofing for downspouts and gutters:

Water damage can be prevented by keeping gutters and downspouts clean and properly sealed.Our MMA coatings are popular for waterproofing gutters and downspouts, offering a trustworthy and effective solution.

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What distinguishes damp proofing from waterproofing?

  Waterproofing is a procedure or treatment used on surfaces or buildings to prevent water from penetrating them. It involves applying specific substances, coatings, or systems to provide a solid barrier that stops water from penetrating and causing harm. Waterproofing is essential in regions prone to water exposure, such as basements, foundations, roofs, and other moisture-prone places. It is a necessary part of building construction and maintenance since it attempts to offer total defense against water penetration.
When securing your investment, opting for expert waterproofing services is wise. Our professional waterproofing contractors and services are here to provide the ultimate protection your property needs.

Damp proofing offers a less effective approach to moisture control than waterproofing. Damp proofing stops moisture absorption by applying treatments or coatings to surfaces, usually those above the ground.
The primary aim of damp proofing is to prevent surface-level dampness caused by capillary action, condensation, or accidental water exposure. Even though wetproofing will not last as long as waterproofing, it helps control the amount of moisture in a structure, lowering the risk of dampness and mildew-related problems. For properties needing comprehensive protection, our waterproofing contractors and services go beyond essential damp proofing.

In summary, waterproofing produces a solid defense against water. In contrast, damp proofing is a more straightforward technique to manage surface moisture. The decision between these two is influenced by multiple factors, including the structure’s particular needs, location, and level of water exposure.
Our skilled waterproofing contractors are ready to assess your property and recommend the most suitable approach to keep it dry and secure. Invest in the longevity of your building with our top-notch waterproofing services today.

What happens if waterproofing is not done?

Ineffective or no waterproofing methods can lead to numerous problems. One of the main effects of insufficient waterproofing is water damage, which results from water getting into important structural components like walls, floors, ceilings, and foundations. It can cause serious health issues and further damage structural integrity by promoting the growth of mold and mildew, especially in wet regions.

Water penetration may also damage the electrical system, leading to short circuits, power failures, and fire hazards. Additionally, water damage can change the aesthetic appeal of walls, causing unattractive stains, peeling paint, and other types of damage. Moreover, it can even affect the stability of the foundation, resulting in structural collapse.

Therefore, prioritizing appropriate waterproofing solutions is essential to prevent these possible problems and protect the stability and lifetime of structures.

How long does Silikal waterproofing services last?

Waterproofing is a crucial aspect that can influence your construction project’s success. The longevity of waterproofing depends on multiple factors, including the quality of the material used, the standard of application, the environment, and the maintenance practices. Typically, well-executed waterproofing can last up to 15 years.

However, Silikal MMA waterproofing system has a track record of lasting for over 25 years. Our skilled personnel can offer expert guidance on how to make your waterproofing last longer. Methyl methacrylate (MMA) waterproofing is renowned for its exceptional longevity and resistance to environmental factors. Silikal MMA waterproofing services, implemented by our experts, can last over 25 years.

By following the manufacturer’s instructions, conducting frequent inspections, and carrying out necessary maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of Silikal MMA waterproofing.

Can waterproofing fail?

Yes, waterproofing can fail in certain circumstances. Systems for waterproofing might fail for a variety of reasons. Common explanations include:

1. Ineffective Application or Installation:

Ineffective waterproofing may result from improper application of waterproofing products or faulty installation techniques.

2. Poor Materials:

The materials utilized have a significant impact on the effectiveness of waterproofing. Materials that are expired or of poor quality might not offer the required protection.

3. Inadequate Design:

If the waterproofing system is not built to handle the unique requirements and circumstances of the structure, it may function differently than intended.

4. Excessive Movement or Settlement:

Structural movement, settlement, or shifting can place strain on waterproofing materials, leading to their failure or cracking.

5. Lack of repair:

Waterproofing systems need periodic checks and repairs, just like any other component of a structure. Over time, neglecting this can cause damage to waterproofing.

6. Environmental Factors:

Waterproofing materials can deteriorate faster during heavy rainfall, extremely low temperatures, or even contact with harsh chemicals.

7. Poor drainage:

Drainage systems around the structure should be adequately maintained to prevent the accumulation of water, which can place additional strain on the waterproofing.

8. Aging and Wear:

Even the best waterproofing materials naturally deteriorate over time, which could result in waterproofing failure.

Who Should I Hire for Waterproofing services?

Find reliable and skilled waterproofing contractors by doing extensive research. Verify their experience, ratings, and prior projects. Ensure they have a history of practical waterproofing work and are licensed and insured.
Silikal is the best among the top waterproofing contractors and provides the best waterproofing solution in India. Our MMA waterproofing services are more effective and long-lasting than other waterproofing solutions.

Silikal Industrial Floor Coating
Silikal provides various flooring options adapted to different needs and specifications. Silikal’s MMA flooring system is the best option for industrial workplaces and areas subject to extreme wear and tear, as it offers unmatched efficiency and a long lifespan.

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