Silikal MMA Industrial and commercial floor coating services

 Unlocking the Potential of Silikal MMA Floor Coating Services for Industrial Flooring Solutions and Commercial Floor Coatings

Silikal has been a leader in creating and producing innovative floor-coating products for over 60 years. We have installed millions of square meters of methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin flooring worldwide and have built a reputation for achieving client satisfaction. Our MMA industrial flooring solutions are known for their low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, environmental friendliness, and human and ecological health dedication.

Environmental Responsibility You Can Trust

The MMA floor coatings from Silikal are high-performing, low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and environmentally safe, indicating that they don’t endanger public health or the environment.

Moreover, we proudly give our customers the required product certificates and test results, guaranteeing total transparency and peace of mind.

Rapid Curing for Increased Productivity

In any business or industrial setting, time is of utmost importance. The MMA commercial floor coatings from Silikal have a notable benefit in that they cure quickly. After application, they reach 100% curing and mechanical strength in about one hour, which implies that you can restart your operation quickly, increasing output and profits, making Silikal a good choice for industrial flooring solutions.

Ideal for Diverse Environments

Our MMA floor coating services come in an enormous range of styles, suiting different industries and spaces. They are also preferred for garage floor coatings because of their strength and attractiveness.

Adaptable Usage on Any Surface

Our MMA floor coatings’ exceptional adhesion to surfaces, such as concrete, tiles, steel, natural stones, and wood, is one of their best qualities. Additionally, you can renovate your floor without removing the existing one, saving time and money.

Maximum Hygiene with Minimal Maintenance

The MMA industrial flooring solutions from Silikal need very little maintenance. Cleaning is a pleasure because of its smooth, non-porous surface, which prevents dirt from gathering. In addition, the lack of pores prevents bacterial development, guaranteeing a clean and comfortable workspace. These characteristics are especially beneficial in locations where food is processed, such as industrial kitchen flooring.

Our MMA floor coatings are available in several segments, each of which is made to satisfy specific needs.

Silikal’s MMA floor coatings are very good for industrial flooring and commercial floor coatings,driven by functionality,aesthetics, and environmental responsibility.

Become part of the satisfied customers who have witnessed the transformative power of Silikal’s MMA floor coatings. Elevate your flooring needs with Silikal, the name you can trust for performance and sustainability. Our MMA floor coatings are available in several segments, each of which is made to satisfy specific needs.

Thin film coating

Anti-skid Coatings

Cold room floors

Concrete-look floors

Decorative floor coatings

Outdoor floor coatings

Silikal Floor-coating

                      Thin coatings

Silikal MMA thin coatings are used when the surface beneath is uniformly smooth and highly stable. Because thin coating layers have a low thickness, they are suitable for areas exposed to light to moderate stress levels.

Thin coatings are good for a spectrum of indoor spaces across several sectors, including commercial and industrial spaces, the food and beverage industry, educational institutions, retail stores, gyms, sports facilities, hotels, and hospitality venues.

These coatings are especially ideal for indoor settings, providing exceptional services for industrial flooring solutions and catering to commercial floor coating services.

thin floor coatings
Wet area anti skid flooring

Wet-area anti-skid floor coating services

The flooring of production facilities in the food industry is subject to being wet. We will choose the Silikal system for them according to certain conditions, such as resistance to slipping and protection against substances like water, grease, and cleaning agents.

These types of flooring are used to ensure safety in the industrial environment. These coatings are excellent for wet areas to avoid falls and accidents. The recommended total thickness of the Silikal wet area floor coating is 4 to 6 mm.

Dry area: anti-slip flooring

Dry area anti-slip flooring is designed for dry areas for commercial flooring services: retail spaces, warehouses within shopping centers, exhibition halls, and manufacturing zones in the mechanical industry. Various decorative options are available in this type of flooring, and we suggest a total thickness ranging from 2 to 4 mm for the coating.

dry area anti-slip flooring


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