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Concrete repair services by Silikal are done using MMA repair mortar, a construction material used to fix and restore damaged concrete surfaces. Compared to conventional repair mortars, Silikal MMA repair mortar provides superior bonding capabilities, quick drying times, a strength of 75 N/mm2, and greater durability. Due to these reasons, Silikal is the best among India’s top concrete repair contractors. It is also quite simple to apply. These characteristics have made Silikal MMA concrete repair services a well-liked option for numerous construction and repair projects, including concrete leak repair and repairing cracks, spalls, and other defects on concrete surfaces.
Silikal MMA repair mortar has two parts: liquid resin and powdered hardener. MMA monomers are polymerized during mixing to create a chain of connected polymers. It takes only a few hours to attain sufficient strength after it hardens during curing.
Silikal MMA mortar can create a solid bond with the pre-existing concrete or substrate. As a result, the renovated space is now an essential component of the building. Its strength and toughness are unparalleled.
Concrete repair services using Silikal MMA can be used in various ways, depending on the situation, including techniques like trowelling or pouring.


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Areas Of Application Of

Silikal Concrete Repair Services

Applications for it include road repair services, bridge deck repair, repair in parking garages, industrial flooring, warehouse floors, and the repair of runways and taxiways at airports.

Silikal MMA concrete repair services can be used for quick repairs in hospitals, airports, and other essential facilities where shutdown time will be as short as possible.

For the longevity, security, and effectiveness of repaired structures, Silikal’s MMA concrete repair services are the best choice.

Choosing Silikal MMA concrete repair services helps for the following reasons:


Structural Integrity:

Restoring and maintaining the structural integrity of a broken or deteriorating structure is the goal of good concrete repair services. Silikal MMA repair mortar can restore and protect a system from damage, prevent further damage, and increase the overall stability of the treated region.


In Silikal MMA repair mortar services, we use only high-quality materials for repairs, which helps both the people’s and the building’s level of safety. That is why Silikal is the best among the top concrete repair contractors in Bangalore.

Cost savings: 

We use MMA repair mortars for concrete repair services. MMA repair mortars can increase a structure’s lifespan and lessen the frequency of repairs and replacements. Property owners may save money using Silikal’s MMA repair mortar in the long run.

Minimal Downtime:

Some repairs, particularly those carried out in industrial or business environments, require little to no downtime. The interruption and delay during the repair process will be minimal by selecting Silikal concrete repair services with quick curing capabilities.

Environmental Conditions Resistance: 

Repair mortar has to be selected depending on the particular environmental conditions the structure needs to go through. Our experts will find the repair mortar that suits your specific needs. Our MMA mortar can endure difficulties, including moisture, temperature changes, and chemical exposure.

Compatibility and Adhesion:

Our MMA repair mortars ensure a strong and long-lasting link between the repair material and the building with the existing base and their compatibility with various materials.


MMA mortars used by Silikal concrete repair services can withstand normal wear and tear and environmental stressors such as weathering. As time passes, it will retain its performance qualities.


The way the repaired area looks might sometimes be crucial. Suppose you are specific about the look of the repaired area. Our concrete repair services are a good option because they provide many colors and textures.


To increase your repaired structures’ longevity, Silikal Concrete Repair Services is the best option. Premature repairs will not be needed using Silikal MMA repair mortar, precisely prepared for toughness and lifespan.

Preventing further damage:

Our MMA repair mortar can address the damage’s underlying source to stop additional degradation, which is necessary to maintain the overall structure’s integrity.


Repair mortars made of MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) are flexible materials with several uses in construction and repair work. The repair mortar strengthens from 75 N/mm2 to 105 N/mm2 in 1 hour.

Some typical uses of Silikal MMA concrete repair services

Concrete Repair Services

Concrete repair services utilizing Silikal MMA repair mortars rejuvenate deteriorated or damaged concrete structures, including industrial floors, bridges, and parking facilities.

The proficiency of the application lies in its ability to enhance the strength of concrete surfaces. To achieve optimal results, seeking services from the best concrete repair contractors is recommended.

Crack Repair Services

Silikal MMA repair mortars are highly effective in sealing and filling cracks and controlling and expanding joints in asphalt or concrete surfaces. By using Silikal MMA repair mortars for concrete crack repair, you can increase the longevity of pavements and buildings.

Concrete resurfacing contractors

Revitalize worn or damaged concrete surfaces like floors, sidewalks, rooftops, and more with Silikal MMA repair mortars as a thin, rejuvenating layer. You can see the transformation of these spaces into flawless, long-lasting, and anti-skid surfaces with specialized services in concrete resurfacing.

Our expertise extends to various areas, including concrete pool deck resurfacing, concrete driveway repair, garage floor resurfacing, concrete pool deck repair, and warehouse floor resurfacing. We are the best concrete resurfacing contractors to enhance your concrete structures’ aesthetic appeal and durability.

Structural Repairs

Silikal MMA concrete repair mortar can replace or strengthen worn or broken concrete parts, including columns, beams, and slabs, for repair work in architecture and infrastructure.

Precision work is another area of our experience. We provide solutions for structural beam repair, basement structural repair, concrete seawall repair, etc. Trust us for efficient and reliable structural damage repair near you. With our skilled services in infrastructure maintenance and architecture repair, you can strengthen your foundation.

Rapid Repairs:

MMA repair mortars are perfect for jobs requiring quick turnaround and little downtime, such as building runways, roads, and factories. They heal quickly, enabling a prompt return to duty.


Concrete Bridge Deck Repairs

Silikal advanced MMA concrete repair mortars help to carefully repair and renew bridge decks to ensure long-term strength and traffic safety. Our expertise with concrete bridge deck repair ensures the regaining of structural integrity and improves general safety for smooth and safe movement. Put your trust in us to deliver comprehensive solutions that put the longevity and safety of bridge infrastructure first.


Historic Restoration Services

Silikal Advanced MMA Concrete Repair Mortars help to carefully repair and renew bridge decks to ensure long-term strength and traffic safety. Our work experience with concrete bridge deck repair ensures the restoration of structural integrity.

It improves general safety for smooth and safe movement. Please put your trust in us to deliver highly efficient solutions that put the longevity and safety of bridge facilities first.  

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