Silikal MMA Floor Coatings

Silikal has been developing and manufacturing floor coating materials for the past 60+ years and has installed millions of square meters of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resin worldwide to gain customer satisfaction. Methyl Methacrylate, or MMA floor coatings, are eco-friendly and low-VOC products. They cause no harm to people or the environment. All the product certifications are mentioned below, along with test reports.

Silikal MMA floor coatings cure rapidly to help customers increase their productive time and revenue. Rapid speed, i.e., 100% curing and mechanical strength, is achieved 1 hour after application. Silikal MMA floor coatings are suitable for wet areas; they are chemically resistant, UV resistant, and waterproof, and these can be applied during low temperatures.

Silikal MMA floor coatings can be used in various segments like houses, commercial buildings, industries, car service garages, etc. Another advantage of MMA is that it can be applied to any surface, like concrete, tiles, steel, natural stones, and wood, without removing the existing floor during floor renovation. These floors need little maintenance time as they are seamless floors with no porosity that leave behind no dirt and no chances of bacterial growth, which creates a good working environment.

Due to this property, it is commonly used in commercial kitchens and other food processing industries.
MMA Floor Coatings by Silikal are categorized into four segments. They are:

Thin film coating

Anti-skid Coatings

Cold room floors



Concrete look floors

Decorative floor coatings

Outdoor floor coatings